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New York 2020|Marathonic|RV075 & CT044

New York 2020|Marathonic|RV075 & CT044

Running Singlet:

  • Quick dry, high permeability; high breathability
  • High elasticity fabric; soft hands UV protection
  • Close fitting
  • High quality of digital printing to enhance vivid colour


Crewneck Sports Tee:

  • Raglan Sleeves
  • Women's cutting is slim fit


  • Product information

    • Fabric:100% Polyester
    • Personalized Service
    • re-order available for Men/Women
    • Wash by hand with cold water
  • Remarks

    • 15-20 days to order
    • No minimum order quantity
    • Return/ Refund is not applicable for Order-to-Made item
    • Colour may slightly different from actual item due to monitor's display
  • About sizing

    The size charts are based on estimates only and should only be used as a general guide. Custom clothing is handmade and Jerseyfabric is stretchable, therefore the garment cannot be guaranteed to be precisely same as the size chart. As long as the measurement (+/- 1.5cm tolerance) fall within the set tolerance, the garment still meets the quality guidelines.

    We strongly recommend you contact us for suggestion.

  • Mens Singlet Size Spec

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XL3XLCB Length58606264666870721/2 Bust41434547495153551/2 WAIST41434547495153551/2 HEM42.544.546.548.550.552.554.556.5


  • Mens Slim Fit Slim Fit Size Spec

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XLCB Length 53.555.557.559.561.563.565.51/2 Bust363840424344451/2 Waist333537394143451/2 Hem36384042444648


  • Womens Singlet Size Spec

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XL3XLCB Length 5253.5555657.55960621/2 Bust 37394143454749511/2 Waist 35373941434547491/2 Hem 4143454749515355


  • Womens X-Cross Singlet Size Spec

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XL3XLCB Length54565860616365671/2 Bust34363840424446481/2 Waist32343638394143451/2 Hem3638404244464850


  • Mens Crewneck Sports Tee

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XL3XLCB Length61.563.565.567.569.571.573.575.51/2 Bust 45.547.549.551.553.555.557.559.51/2 Hem43.545.547.549.551.553.555.557.5


  • Womens Crewneck Sports Tee

    (cm)2XSXSSMLXL2XL3XLCB Length5153.55658.56163.565.567.51/2 Bust40424446485052541/2 Waist32343638404244461/2 Hem39.541.543.545.547.549.551.553.5


HK$308.00 Regular Price
HK$277.20Sale Price
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