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Sportsory is a brand founded by a group of designers who love sports. We love sports and the surprises that design brings us.

​The brand's motto "To Achieve Victory with Sports", advocates that the victory obtained through different sports experiences will always more than that.

"We are now sincerely inviting you, who also love sports, to spread the world about our brand across all social media platforms."


Personalized Coupon code

​Share with friends and relatives, enjoy 15% off discounts, and earn Sportsory Club points.

Cash points

20000 points will be issued every month to exchange to cash coupons for shopping.

Build Up Reputation

Gain more experience and opportunities in operating social media. Build a healthy personal image.


Love Sports

Do exercises, running or trail running often, and your image should be healthy and positive.

Passionate About Social Media

Instagram/ Facebook must be public accounts, and followers must have 1000 or more.

Photo Sense

Know how to take high-quality photos, and never forget to show the products. Try bravely, practice makes perfect!



4 posts (IG/FB) of showing our products are required every month, hashtag #sportsory and @sportsory must be mentioned.

​Product Knowledge

​Have a basic understanding of the brand and promote the brand on social media with a professional attitude.

​I want to be a Sportsory Ambassador!

Thank you for submitting the above information! If the application is successful, a dedicated person will be contacted~

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