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TT手套 (短款) TT Gloves (Short)|GL001

TT手套 (短款) TT Gloves (Short)|GL001



  • 多個尺碼,大人、小朋友都戴到
  • 適用於單車和輪滑
  • 半指手套
  • 吸濕排汗;透氣效果極佳
  • 防菌防臭
  • 高彈性的布料;手感柔軟舒適
  • 高質量的數碼打印,顏色鮮豔亮麗


Customized Colour, unlimited Choice!


  • Multiple sizes for adults and children
  • Suitable for cycling and inline speed skating
  • Half-finger gloves
  • Moisture-wicking; excellent ventilation
  • Antibacterial and deodorant
  • Highly elastic fabric; soft and comfortable to the touch
  • High-quality digital printing with vibrant colours



  • 產品資料

    • 面料:Lycra
    • 個人化加名和顏色服務
    • 有男/女裝可訂購
    • 建議冷水手洗或放洗衣袋冷水機洗
    • Fabric: Lycra
    • Personalize colour and name
    • Men's/Women's are available
    • Hand wash in cold water or machine wash in cold water is recommended
  • 備註

    • 15-20 days production lead time
    • No MOQ
    • No return/refund for customized products
    • There will be a slight difference between the monitor and the actual color
  • 關於尺寸

    尺寸表只是基於紙樣上的估計,僅作一般參考。由於訂製衣服是人手縫製和針織布料是有彈性的,所以衣服的尺寸不可能保證與尺寸表一樣精準。只要尺寸於偏差範圍內(+/- 1.5cm,衣服仍然是符合品質標準。


    The size charts are based on estimates only and should only be used as a general guide. Custom clothing is handmade and Jersey fabric is stretchable, therefore the garment cannot be guaranteed to be precisely same as the size chart. As long as the measurement (+/- 1.5cm tolerance) fall within the set tolerance, the garment still meets the quality guidelines. The recommended height and weight are for reference ONLY.

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